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Street Pastors in Barking & Dagenham

Street Pastors are Christians volunteering their time one night every two weeks to help the vulnerable, to care for those in need and to listen and support young people who have found themselves disenfranchised and/or marginalised from society.

The Street Pastors of Barking and Dagenham make a significant contribution to local priorities such as community empowerment, community cohesion and diversity, creating a sense of well-being of local people, reducing isolation and the fear of crime.

We have found that involving volunteers to deliver our services helps to break down negative social barriers. It also encourages community responsibility and adds value for money through the economics of volunteer support.

The Street Pastors Initiative in Barking and Dagenham strives to meet these objectives.

  • Help build trust and partnership between voluntary and statutory organizations in the borough.
  • Help Churches appreciate some of the challenges in the community and enable them to be part of the solution.
  • Encourage local people to take an active role within their local community.
  • Help young people who feel excluded by the community to feel valued and supported.
  • Connect young people to local youth organizations and support groups.
  • Support youngsters involved in gangs and provide them with a way out of the gang culture.
  • Street Pastors are "Significant adults" and role models for young people and help them have a sense of structure and meaning in life.
  • Help vulnerable people and victim of crime feel supported and valued and help reduce "the fear of Crime" in Barking and Dagenham.
  • To be part of a holistic approach to problem solving and promote a multi-agency response to community issues.

Street Pastors of Barking and Dagenham are able to understand their Community and at the same time, get to know how to serve in it. Street Pastors are able to grasp the bigger picture of the systemic issues that affect individuals and localities as they get to know the residents of the community. This allows the initiative to be able to reach communities and individuals who are considered hard to reach by the Local Authorities and other Statutory bodies.

Street Pastors patrol every fortnight on Friday or Saturday in all wards of the borough.

For information about applying to become a Street Pastor click here or contact us here

  • Church, Our Borough Needs You

    To All Christian Churches In Barking & Dagenham

    There is a desperate need on our streets for safety, peace and above all, hope. The Church is in an enviable position since we exist in buildings, halls and homes all over the borough making positive differences to our niche communities. The Street Pastors Initiative seeks to call upon The Church network to further develop our borough wide strategy for patrolling our streets and engaging with our community at every level. For more information on how your church can help us please contact us here

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