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Observation Patrol

All potential Street Pastor recruits must go out on at least two Observation Patrols to observe the work we do on the streets. It is an opportunity for recruits to ask questions and also for the senior street pastor to make mental notes on how the recruit conducts themselves during the patrol.

The Observation Patrol is also an opportunity for other service providers to view what is happening on our borough streets.

Observers are required to:

  1. Have arranged a visit in advance of the evening.
  2. Have given reason for visit via mail or e-mail.
  3. Agree to behave in a way that upholds the principles of Street Pastors.
  4. Wear a hi visual jacket.
  5. Follow the directions given by the Senior Street Pastor.
  6. Keep within eye contact of the street pastor team.
  7. Treat people they meet on the streets with dignity.
  8. Download and print the Observer Guidelines.
  9. Sign, print and date the back of the guidelines that you agree with the requirements.

Observers are not:

  1. To leave the group of street pastors they go out with.
  2. Engage in arguing with the public.
  3. To get involved with any physical engagement with the public.
  4. Smoke or drink alcohol whilst out with the team.

Film crews, Journalists are required to follow all of the above and are expected:

  1. To keep our status as independent of law enforcement agencies, and to maintain the trust of the public, please avoid intrusive photography, filming or questioning. You will come across members of the public worse for wear after a night out, or ill and so unable to exercise their right to privacy. In these circumstances, photography that does not reveal their identity is requested (discreet images are okay, no close ups please).
  2. Common sense and courtesy guide all that we do and are a good rule of thumb when you join us. This will typically mean that you check first before naming or quoting any Street Pastor in a publication. Some may prefer to keep their anonymity. Whilst Pastors are working with members of the public, we would appreciate it if you only attribute quotes cleared at the time with the Pastor involved. Most exchanges are entirely uncontroversial but we don't want hard won trust to be compromised.

It is suggested that you wear warm clothing and walking shoes.

Street Pastors Barking & Dagenham take no responsibility for your personal safety at any time. However, we wish you to enjoy your experience and time with us.

  • Church, Our Borough Needs You

    To All Christian Churches In Barking & Dagenham

    There is a desperate need on our streets for safety, peace and above all, hope. The Church is in an enviable position since we exist in buildings, halls and homes all over the borough making positive differences to our niche communities. The Street Pastors Initiative seeks to call upon The Church network to further develop our borough wide strategy for patrolling our streets and engaging with our community at every level. For more information on how your church can help us please contact us here

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