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How To Apply

Becoming a Street Pastor may be the most rewarding vocation you could choose to do. Not only will you have the opportunity to build relationships with the community you meet on patrol nights but also the camaraderie and support you will cultivate among your fellow team members.

The fact you are reading this page suggests God is speaking to you and stimulating the compassionate, caring and evangelistic desire within you.

There are few pre-requisites you will need to consider before applying to become a Street Pastor:

  1. You are a born again Christian based at a church for at least one year.
  2. You are able to volunteer one or two evenings per month.
  3. You have a friendly, helpful and encouraging personality.
  4. You are prepared to engage with the community while out on patrol.
  5. As a Street Pastor you will come into contact with the young and vulnerable so you will be subjected to a CRB check.
If you satisfy the pre-requisites we believe you may have the essentials to make a positive difference to somebody's life out on the streets of Barking and Dagenham.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Download and complete the application form and send it to:

    The Board of Management
    Street Pastors Barking And Dagenham
    c/o Bethel-London's Riverside Church
    Parsloes Avenue
    RM9 5PT

  2. Download and complete the Confidential Self Declaration Form and send it back with your application form.
  3. On receipt of your application form your stated references will be contacted and asked to complete a reference form.
  4. While we are waiting for the reference forms to be completed we will contact you to join us on an Observation Patrol which gives you the opportunity to go out and experience a patrol and pose any questions you may have to one of our Team Leaders.
  5. Once all your application and reference forms have been returned and reviewed we will ask you to come in for an interview.
  6. Assuming the interview and checks are acceptable we will send you on 12 week training course. The training course will begin in March or September for four Saturdays every other month. For example, if you begin your training in March your training days will be every Saturday in March, May and July. The training is designed to be thorough and useful which will conclude with a graduation ceremony in November.
  7. Although the £300 training and uniform fees will be paid by Street Pastors Barking And Dagenham we do ask for financial assistance from your local church.
  8. After the first month of training you are able to patrol as a street pastor without observer restrictions. You will also be measured up for uniform and placed into a patrol team operating in Barking or Dagenham.
If you have further questions regarding your application please contact us here
  • Church, Our Borough Needs You

    To All Christian Churches In Barking & Dagenham

    There is a desperate need on our streets for safety, peace and above all, hope. The Church is in an enviable position since we exist in buildings, halls and homes all over the borough making positive differences to our niche communities. The Street Pastors Initiative seeks to call upon The Church network to further develop our borough wide strategy for patrolling our streets and engaging with our community at every level. For more information on how your church can help us please contact us here

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