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Introducing the Board of Management

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The Street Pastors Barking and Dagenham initiative is directed by a Board of Management consisting of trustees some of which are active street pastors. Together we develop strategies to help bring positivity to our borough through direct contact with all parts of the community.

We select, train and put into service Street Pastors who are all CRB checked and approved. We also strive to find creative ways to engage with our community at major borough events.

This initiative takes time, planning, development and compassion. All of these ingredients are voluntary given by the Board in the effort to make a positive difference to Barking and Dagenham.

John Waller

John has been Senior minister of ECC for the past 4 years. Prior to that he worked in Ghana for 11 years and also pastored in Dublin, Ireland. He has been married to Trish for 42 years and they have one grown up son.

Ken Payne

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Pat Jones

After living locally for nearly 20 years it breaks my heart to see the reported levels of gang activity, domestic violence, racism, break-ins, car theft and other anti social behaviour. I could sit back and say it's not my problem and do nothing but it is my problem. Like thousands of others in the community my children are growing up in this environment and this is why I joined Street Pastors. It is a direct inter-denominational Christian response outside of our church buildings and on to our streets, estates, pubs and clubs where God's heart can be shown positively in a pragmatic way.

Phil Burch

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Steven Hanna

I'm Steven Hanna, vicar of St. Elisabeth's, Becontree. I am keen to see many churches work together in good deeds in our community. Street Pastors is a great and growing example of that.

Yemi Adesan

As Street Pastors our business is to go out to our community to shine the Light of Jesus into the darkness of our Community, we do that not by power or might but by the Spirit of God. We simply show the love of God by smiling, saying hello, listening, helping and caring according to needs. We preach by our actions not words.
  • Church, Our Borough Needs You

    To All Christian Churches In Barking & Dagenham

    There is a desperate need on our streets for safety, peace and above all, hope. The Church is in an enviable position since we exist in buildings, halls and homes all over the borough making positive differences to our niche communities. The Street Pastors Initiative seeks to call upon The Church network to further develop our borough wide strategy for patrolling our streets and engaging with our community at every level. For more information on how your church can help us please contact us here

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